Meet our Teaching Staff: Jessie Robinson

Hi, I am Jessie Robinson.

I came to Middle Earth in July, 2016 as the Lead Teacher in the Rangers classroom. Each week I map out a Lesson Plan loaded with daily Yoga moves, playful books for growing vocabulary and lots of one on one interactions. The young Toddlers in my room delight me with their daily milestone accomplishments. I teach them to comfort each other when one of their friends are sad and encourage their new words. The Toddlers amaze me and bring me great joy. After an engaging day at Middle Earth I like to read outside or play with my dog, Rosco.

I really love summer time. My summers are filled with adventures around lakes, streams and rolling hills. On the weekend you may find me under a tree reading a novel and imagining myself as one of the characters. Winter is my least favorite season.

I surround myself with close friends that are song writers and musicians. Routinely in the spring, summer and fall we load up the trucks with our kayaks and camping gear and head to music festivals. My hobbies have changed from childhood memories of sports and cheerleading to string bands, bluegrass and an intense love for nature.

I earned my Certificate of Mastery in Early Care from Rose State and I am currently working on my associate Degree. Eventually, I would like to operate my own in-home day care.

In years to come you may find me in the country on a warm summer day, by a river reading a book as I rest in a hammock. I am pretty laid back.