6 weeks to 8 months

When families join our Dreamers class, we recognize it is a time of great transition for the whole family. Our commitment is to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing, sensory rich environment for your infant. We will strive to develop a strong bond with your precious baby. As we provide an individualized program to meet your child’s needs and stimulate their learning readiness, please know it our intention to provide your family with a “home away from home” experience, offering you “peace of mind”.

Adventurers & Travelers

8 months to 18 months

The goals of the Adventurers are to help to transition your child for the Tot I room. As our Adventurers learn how to eat solid foods, learn how to walk and become more independent as they become aware of their surroundings. You are assured that your child is safe and receiving the nurturing that is needed to develop the whole child.

Troopers & Rangers & Wanderers

18 months to 30 months

The goals of Troopers and Rangers are to promote independence and social awareness. In these classes, Middle Earth strives to develop the whole child: emotionally, physically and mentally. Children will develop speech, language and social skills with playmates and teachers by creating a safe and healthy learning environment.

Serendipity & Explorers

Age 2.5 to 3.5

Serendipity eases the transition from toddler to preschooler. We celebrate this exciting age by focusing on independence, routines, recognition of achievements and of course, playtime! Your child will learn self-care skills such as dressing and washing of face and hands. In this class, the children sing and dance every day in circle time. Counting games, art, movement, puzzles, and color and shape recognition are just some of the developmentally appropriate activities used in this class. Teachers also read to the children daily to enhance listening skills and increase exposure to literature.

Discoverers & Detectives

Age 3.5 to 4.5

Discoverers and Explorers get preschool ready in these high-energy classrooms with activities including art projects, science experiments, math games, music and movement. Reading, writing, puzzles, dramatic play, and computer centers are open throughout the day. Listening skills, language development, and an appreciation for books are gained as the children participate in morning and afternoon group times. We encourage creativity, self-confidence, and developing a joy of learning, as well as treating others with respect and caring for our school and the world around us.


Norman Public Schools- Offsite Location


The  Pre-K class provides a dynamic program with a wide range of activities designed to promote cognitive and motor skills, language, social and emotional development. Activities are presented in a logical sequence while children at each level can build upon their experience, skills and knowledge, and are balanced between active/quiet, group/individual, teacher-directed/self-directed and indoor/outdoor play. Creativity and self-expression are facilitated through open-ended experiences in art, music, movement, and dramatic play. Science concepts are introduced through observation, investigation and experimentation of the natural environment. This class strengthens your child’s readiness skills in mathematics, reading, writing and speech.