Our Faculty and Staff

Middle Earth teachers and staff are nurturers and educators who encourage learning, exploration, and social and emotional well-being. Our teachers are well-trained and dedicated to working with our families to provide a safe and loving environment for our children to grow.


Jamie Cheves

Assistant Director / Interim Executive Director


Dreamers – Infants (6 weeks to 8 months)

Mabry Agnew
I am the lead teacher in the Dreamers class Mabry Agnew. I am a Middle Earth alum and have been working at Middle Earth since December 2010. Before working at Middle Earth, I received a degree in Library and Information Studies but discovered how much I enjoy working with very young children. In December 2013, I completed a Certificate of Mastery in Early Care Education: Infant/Toddler Option. I have worked in Adventurers as well as Dreamers. Now my daughter Marian attends Middle Earth too!

Heather Pascal

Hi, my name is Heather Pascal. I grew up in Shawnee and currently live in Norman with my husband, Larry. He and I like to eat out and attend Thunder games. I also enjoy spending time with my 2 nieces ages 7 and 8. We love to go to the park and play outside. Swimming is new on our list this summer. I just started my Child Development Associate classes and finished the first chapter on Safe Sleep. I have worked with all ages and this is my first time to work with babies. I love it. I feel at home here, a sense of belonging.

Rebecca Sterkel

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I began my employment at Middle Earth on March 2018.


Travelers – Infants (6 weeks to 8 months)

Julia Reese

Hi, my name is Julia and I began my employment at Middle earth on August 2018. I am from Edmond and my mom lives in Fort Worth. I coach high school debate by teaching the activity and research topics prepare to prepare for the team round. I plan to become a creative writing teacher in a high school. I love writing about non fiction and write short stories in my free time. I love the kids they give me purpose.

Taylor Bridges


Adventurers – Infants and Young Toddlers (8 months to 18 months)

Katelyn Stith

Hi, my name is Katelyn and I began my employment at Middle Earth in January 2019 . I have lived in several places in Oklahoma, but I have grown up mostly in Norman. The majority of my time is spent watching my nieces as my sister takes classes for foster care. I enjoy attending art openings with my sister. I plan to pursue my early childhood education. I like the atmosphere here. The building is nice, every room is organized, and each one is different. Each teacher really loves the kids here. I love working here.

Kristy Larsen


Wanderers (18 months to 30 months)

Paige Vazquez

Rangers (18 months to 30 months)


Kasey Fulk

Hi, my name is Kasey and I began my employment at Middle Earth on October 2018. I am originally from Sapulpa, OK. I love superhero movies, especially Marvel and action shows. In my spare time, I like to run for exercise and to lower my stress levels. In the future, I plan to return to college and pursue my degree in education. I love the kids at Middle Earth and flexibility of my teammates. We work well as a team.

Michelle Crockett

Hi, my name is Michelle and I began my employment at Middle Earth on October 2018. I am from Oklahoma City. Painting still life scenes is my recent challenge, and I enjoy reading horror and Stephen King novels. In years to come, I hope to work at an art museum and travel abroad. My teammates are wonderful and make work satisfying as we care for the playful and funny young toddlers.

Troopers (18 months to 30 months)

Robin Smith

Hi, my name is Robin Smith. I have been working at Middle Earth for 6 years with Toddlers and 2. I am an artist and a writer. I was recently inspired by the children to paint a mural on the back wall of our room. My favorite thing in the classroom is encouraging the children to find new and creative ways to play. I like working here. When I am with the children there is always something new and not predictable and that makes it fun and exciting.

Terin Shaver

Hi my name is Terin Shaver and I am the Troopers afternoon teacher. I grew up in Norman with my family. I have always had a very close relationship with my parents, little brother, and my many younger cousins. I have been a live-in nanny twice. Although it was challenging at times, it was also very rewarding and I enjoyed every second of it. I plan on furthering my education and getting my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. My dream is to become a preschool teacher here in Norman. I have always enjoyed bonding and furthering children’s education as well as my own. My job here at Middle Earth allows me to begin my long journey of early childhood education and it allows me to work with some of the greatest kids. I enjoy coming to work every day wondering what I will learn that day about my Troopers.

Keirstan Cardenas

Hi, my name is Kierstan and I began my employment at Middle Earth on November 2018. I grew up in Woodward, a small oil field town. During my time off, I like to read about history. I am interested WWll and President Roosevelt. As I read, I wonder what inspired his decisions. Family time is important to me. While helping raise my niece and nephew, I found my deep love for children which bought me to Middle Earth. I enjoy working in the Troopers classroom because I get to see the toddlers grow into their personalities. I love working with kids. This is my first job at a child development center and I love it. I plan to apply for the scholarship offered at Middle Earth to attain my early childhood education.

Serendipity (2.5 years to 3.5 years)

Jessica Klingel

Quynh Vu


Explorers (2.5 years to 3.5 years)


Jessica Robinson

Hi, my name is Jessie. I am from Wichita, Kansas and moved here in 2011 to be near my grandparents. I love to spend time outside camping and walk my yorkie, Rosco. Several years ago I asked my scholarship adviser recommended me for a Master Teacher position at Middle Earth. She said Middle Earth has a deep history of quality care and that they need me and here I am the Master Teacher with the Rangers. I have my Certificate of Mastery in Early Care and will complete my Early Childhood Associate degree next year. Then I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in Special Education. I have been working in Child Care since 2011 and love the community here at Middle Earth.

Michelle Martinez

My name is Michelle and I have been employed at Middle Earth on March 2018. My family is from Oklahoma City and my second language is Spanish. I love spending time with my family and cooking with my mom. I love coming into a day care. I am more interested in education toward the children and early childhood. I like the kids. they always make my day it is always a good day here.

Branden Decker

My name is Branden and I have been employed at Middle Earth since January 2019 . My family is from Wichita Falls, TX. I moved to Norman to be closer to my friends. I like to read science fiction and play games like Tetris. I plan to join the military and become a weapon specialist. I would like to work in Washington DC as a high ranking officer. I love the children and the fact that when I am having a really bad day the kids will make it eventful.

Discoverers (3.5 to 4.5 Years)


Brendan Agnew

Hello, my name is Brendan Agnew and I have been at Middle Earth since 2009. Since 2011, I have been the lead teacher of the Discoverers preschool classroom. I have a Certificate of Master in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma City Community College and am working toward my full degree. My wife, Mabry, teaches the mobile infants and young toddlers in Adventurers, and our daughter, Marian, attends school here as well. I have my roots in Middle Earth reaching back to my own days as a toddler and young child at our previous location on South Campus and am delighted to have come full circle to teach future generations. Thank you for letting your families being a part of our lives!

Miriel is the closing teacher.

Detectives (3.5 to 4.5 years)


Claire Stealey

Ms. Claire has been working with children her whole life and began professionally in 2009. She has been at Middle Earth since 2012 and she first began working with two’s but quickly found out that her true passion was with the four’s and five’s. Ms. Claire grew up in Norman, graduated High School at Norman North in 2007 and attended Oklahoma City Community College & the University of Oklahoma. She has currently a Bachelor’s degree on hold and is obtaining her Child Development Associates. She believes children learn best through play and you’ll see that reflected within her classroom. She also believes it’s important to create a comfortable learning environment that is respectful of all children’s culture. Claire has also been with her high school sweetheart, David, since 2007 and they finally got married in June 2017. For fun, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, friends, family, being outside, board games, movies, camping, video games, and live music!

Dilyn Del Rosario

Big Kids (After Pre-K Care)

Olivia Herrera

Team Members


Hi, my name is Crissy Mason and I have one daughter, Ella. She is 2 years old. I like experiencing her first walk and her first laugh. I like how she calls me Crissy instead of mommy since everybody in my house calls me Crissy. Someday I think she may be really great at gymnastics. She is really good at climbing on things and jumping into safety. Her dad and I are super clumsy. She has an attitude and spark to back it up. I like working with young children and observing how each child has their own personality and no how no child is the same. I like the young kids. They remind me of when my daughter was young. I miss those days. When my child is older, I would love to become a 3rd or 4th-grade teacher.

Hi, my name is Peighton Trook. I have been an OU work-study student since August 2016 and I am currently classified as a junior in the Special Education Certification Program. My passion for this field began when I volunteered as a Special Needs Coach in High School. It really tugged on my heartstrings. I could not give it up. I am working on my Certification to work with young children into their elementary school years. I love being here. I love how I just walk in here and I feel like family. Everybody belongs. We truly invest in the children’s lives and in each other’s lives as well.

Hi, my name is Allison, My family is from Bartlesville where I lived until I moved to Norman to study Nursing at OU. I plan to apply to the OU School of Nursing next year and would like to work as a nurse in the NICU or in pediatrics. I have always loved kids even when I was a kid. I love just having some kind of influence on them. I think it is really good to have some kind of impact on them as they are the future.

Meredith Dennis



Heather M


We are always looking for highly-qualified early education teachers and assistants! Please come in and visit with us. You can fill out an application while you are here!

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